Sazonov's theorem

Sazonov's theorem In mathematics, Sazonov's theorem, named after Vyacheslav Vasilievich Sazonov (Вячесла́в Васи́льевич Сазо́нов), is a theorem in functional analysis.

It states that a bounded linear operator between two Hilbert spaces is γ-radonifying if it is a Hilbert–Schmidt operator. The result is also important in the study of stochastic processes and the Malliavin calculus, since results concerning probability measures on infinite-dimensional spaces are of central importance in these fields. Sazonov's theorem also has a converse: if the map is not Hilbert–Schmidt, then it is not γ-radonifying.

Statement of the theorem Let G and H be two Hilbert spaces and let T : G → H be a bounded operator from G to H. Recall that T is said to be γ-radonifying if the push forward of the canonical Gaussian cylinder set measure on G is a bona fide measure on H. Recall also that T is said to be a Hilbert–Schmidt operator if there is an orthonormal basis { ei : i ∈ I } of G such that {displaystyle sum _{iin I}|T(e_{i})|_{H}^{2}<+infty .} Then Sazonov's theorem is that T is γ-radonifying if it is a Hilbert–Schmidt operator. The proof uses Prokhorov's theorem. Remarks The canonical Gaussian cylinder set measure on an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space can never be a bona fide measure; equivalently, the identity function on such a space cannot be γ-radonifying. References Schwartz, Laurent (1973), Radon measures on arbitrary topological spaces and cylindrical measures., Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Studies in Mathematics, London: Oxford University Press, pp. xii+393, MR 0426084 hide vte Functional analysis (topics – glossary) Spaces BanachBesovFréchetHilbertHölderNuclearOrliczSchwartzSobolevtopological vector Properties barrelledcompletedual (algebraic/topological)locally convexreflexiveseparable Theorems Hahn–BanachRiesz representationclosed graphuniform boundedness principleKakutani fixed-pointKrein–Milmanmin–maxGelfand–NaimarkBanach–Alaoglu Operators adjointboundedcompactHilbert–Schmidtnormalnucleartrace classtransposeunboundedunitary Algebras Banach algebraC*-algebraspectrum of a C*-algebraoperator algebragroup algebra of a locally compact groupvon Neumann algebra Open problems invariant subspace problemMahler's conjecture Applications Hardy spacespectral theory of ordinary differential equationsheat kernelindex theoremcalculus of variationsfunctional calculusintegral operatorJones polynomialtopological quantum field theorynoncommutative geometryRiemann hypothesisdistribution (or generalized functions) Advanced topics approximation propertybalanced setChoquet theoryweak topologyBanach–Mazur distanceTomita–Takesaki theory Categories: Stochastic processesTheorems in functional analysis

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