No-wandering-domain theorem

No-wandering-domain theorem   (Redirected from No wandering domain theorem) Jump to navigation Jump to search In mathematics, the no-wandering-domain theorem is a result on dynamical systems, proven by Dennis Sullivan in 1985.

The theorem states that a rational map f : Ĉ → Ĉ with deg(f) ≥ 2 does not have a wandering domain, where Ĉ denotes the Riemann sphere. More precisely, for every component U in the Fatou set of f, the sequence {displaystyle U,f(U),f(f(U)),dots ,f^{n}(U),dots } will eventually become periodic. Here, f n denotes the n-fold iteration of f, that is, {displaystyle f^{n}=underbrace {fcirc fcirc cdots circ f} _{n}.} This image illustrates the dynamics of {displaystyle f(z)=z+2pi sin(z)} ; the Fatou set (consisting entirely of wandering domains) is shown in white, while the Julia set is shown in tones of gray.

The theorem does not hold for arbitrary maps; for example, the transcendental map {displaystyle f(z)=z+2pi sin(z)} has wandering domains. However, the result can be generalized to many situations where the functions naturally belong to a finite-dimensional parameter space, most notably to transcendental entire and meromorphic functions with a finite number of singular values.

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