Lyapunov–Malkin theorem

Lyapunov–Malkin theorem The Lyapunov–Malkin theorem (named for Aleksandr Lyapunov and Ioel Malkin [ru]) is a mathematical theorem detailing nonlinear stability of systems.[1][2] Theorem In the system of differential equations, {Anzeigestil {Punkt {x}}=Ax+X(x,j),Quad {Punkt {j}}=Y(x,j)} wo {Anzeigestil xin mathbb {R} ^{m}} und {displaystyle yin mathbb {R} ^{n}} are components of the system state, {displaystyle Ain mathbb {R} ^{mtimes m}} is a matrix that represents the linear dynamics of {Anzeigestil x} , und {Anzeigestil X:mathbb {R} ^{m}mal mathbb {R} ^{n}zu mathbb {R} ^{m}} und {Anzeigestil Y:mathbb {R} ^{m}mal mathbb {R} ^{n}zu mathbb {R} ^{n}} represent higher-order nonlinear terms. If all eigenvalues of the matrix {Anzeigestil A} have negative real parts, and X(x, j), Y(x, j) vanish when x = 0, then the solution x = 0, y = 0 of this system is stable with respect to (x, j) and asymptotically stable with respect to x. If a solution (x(t), j(t)) is close enough to the solution x = 0, y = 0, dann {Anzeigestil lim _{tto infty }x(t)=0,quad lim _{tto infty }j(t)=c.} Example Consider the vector field given by {Anzeigestil {Punkt {x}}=-x+x^{2}j,Quad {Punkt {j}}=xy^{2}} In diesem Fall, A = -1 and X(0, j) = Y(0, j) = 0 for all y, so this system satisfy the hypothesis of Lyapunov-Malkin theorem.

The figure below shows a plot of this vector field along with some trajectories that pass near (0,0). As expected by the theorem, it can be seen that trajectories in the neighborhood of (0,0) converges to a point in the form (0,c).

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