Increment theorem

Increment theorem In nonstandard analysis, a field of mathematics, the increment theorem states the following: Suppose a function y = f(x) is differentiable at x and that Δx is infinitesimal. Then {displaystyle Delta y=f'(x),Delta x+varepsilon ,Delta x} for some infinitesimal ε, where {displaystyle Delta y=f(x+Delta x)-f(x).} If {textstyle Delta xneq 0} then we may write {displaystyle {frac {Delta y}{Delta x}}=f'(x)+varepsilon ,} which implies that {textstyle {frac {Delta y}{Delta x}}approx f'(x)} , or in other words that {textstyle {frac {Delta y}{Delta x}}} is infinitely close to {textstyle f'(x)} , or {textstyle f'(x)} is the standard part of {textstyle {frac {Delta y}{Delta x}}} .

A similar theorem exists in standard Calculus. Again assume that y = f(x) is differentiable, but now let Δx be a nonzero standard real number. Then the same equation {displaystyle Delta y=f'(x),Delta x+varepsilon ,Delta x} holds with the same definition of Δy, but instead of ε being infinitesimal, we have {displaystyle lim _{Delta xto 0}varepsilon =0} (treating x and f as given so that ε is a function of Δx alone).

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