Hurwitz's theorem (number theory)

Hurwitz's theorem (number theory) This article is about a theorem in number theory. Pour d'autres usages, see Hurwitz's theorem.

In number theory, Hurwitz's theorem, named after Adolf Hurwitz, gives a bound on a Diophantine approximation. The theorem states that for every irrational number ξ there are infinitely many relatively prime integers m, n such that {style d'affichage à gauche|xii -{frac {m}{n}}droit|<{frac {1}{{sqrt {5}},n^{2}}}.} The condition that ξ is irrational cannot be omitted. Moreover the constant {displaystyle {sqrt {5}}} is the best possible; if we replace {displaystyle {sqrt {5}}} by any number {displaystyle A>{sqrt {5}}} and we let {displaystyle xi =(1+{sqrt {5}})/2} (the golden ratio) then there exist only finitely many relatively prime integers m, n such that the formula above holds.

The theorem is equivalent to the claim that the Markov constant of every number is larger than {style d'affichage {sqrt {5}}} .

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