Teorema fundamental sobre homomorfismos

Teorema fundamental sobre homomorfismos Em álgebra abstrata, o teorema fundamental sobre homomorfismos, also known as the fundamental homomorphism theorem, or the first isomorphism theorem, relates the structure of two objects between which a homomorphism is given, and of the kernel and image of the homomorphism.

The homomorphism theorem is used to prove the isomorphism theorems.

Conteúdo 1 Group theoretic version 2 Other versions 3 Veja também 4 References Group theoretic version Diagram of the fundamental theorem on homomorphisms where f is a homomorphism, N is a normal subgroup of G and e is the identity element of G.

Given two groups G and H and a group homomorphism f : G → H, let N be a normal subgroup in G and φ the natural surjective homomorphism G → G/N (where G/N is the quotient group of G by N). If N is a subset of ker(f) then there exists a unique homomorphism h: G/N → H such that f = h∘φ.

Em outras palavras, the natural projection φ is universal among homomorphisms on G that map N to the identity element.

The situation is described by the following commutative diagram: h is injective if and only if N = ker(f). Portanto, by setting N = ker(f) we immediately get the first isomorphism theorem.

We can write the statement of the fundamental theorem on homomorphisms of groups as "every homomorphic image of a group is isomorphic to a quotient group".

Other versions Similar theorems are valid for monoids, vector spaces, módulos, and rings.

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