Cartan–Kähler theorem

Cartan–Kähler theorem In mathematics, the Cartan–Kähler theorem is a major result on the integrability conditions for differential systems, in the case of analytic functions, for differential ideals {displaystyle I} . It is named for Élie Cartan and Erich Kähler.

Contents 1 Meaning 2 Statement 3 Proof and assumptions 4 References 5 External links Meaning It is not true that merely having {displaystyle dI} contained in {displaystyle I} is sufficient for integrability. There is a problem caused by singular solutions. The theorem computes certain constants that must satisfy an inequality in order that there be a solution.

Statement Let {displaystyle (M,I)} be a real analytic EDS. Assume that {displaystyle Psubseteq M} is a connected, {displaystyle k} -dimensional, real analytic, regular integral manifold of {displaystyle I} with {displaystyle r(P)geq 0} (i.e., the tangent spaces {displaystyle T_{p}P} are "extendable" to higher dimensional integral elements).

Moreover, assume there is a real analytic submanifold {displaystyle Rsubseteq M} of codimension {displaystyle r(P)} containing {displaystyle P} and such that {displaystyle T_{p}Rcap H(T_{p}P)} has dimension {displaystyle k+1} for all {displaystyle pin P} .

Then there exists a (locally) unique connected, {displaystyle (k+1)} -dimensional, real analytic integral manifold {displaystyle Xsubseteq M} of {displaystyle I} that satisfies {displaystyle Psubseteq Xsubseteq R} .

Proof and assumptions The Cauchy-Kovalevskaya theorem is used in the proof, so the analyticity is necessary.

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