Browder–Minty theorem

Browder–Minty theorem In mathematics, the Browder–Minty theorem (sometimes called the Minty–Browder theorem) states that a bounded, continuous, coercive and monotone function T from a real, separable reflexive Banach space X into its continuous dual space X∗ is automatically surjective. That is, for each continuous linear functional g ∈ X∗, there exists a solution u ∈ X of the equation T(u) = g. (Note that T itself is not required to be a linear map.) The theorem is named in honor of Felix Browder and George J. Minty, who independently proved it.[1] See also Pseudo-monotone operator; pseudo-monotone operators obey a near-exact analogue of the Browder–Minty theorem. References ^ Browder, Felix E. (1967). "Existence and perturbation theorems for nonlinear maximal monotone operators in Banach spaces". Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. 73 (3): 322–328. doi:10.1090/S0002-9904-1967-11734-8. ISSN 0002-9904. Renardy, Michael & Rogers, Robert C. (2004). An introduction to partial differential equations. Texts in Applied Mathematics 13 (Second ed.). New York: Springer-Verlag. p. 364. ISBN 0-387-00444-0. (Theorem 10.49) hide vte Functional analysis (topics – glossary) Spaces BanachBesovFréchetHilbertHölderNuclearOrliczSchwartzSobolevtopological vector Properties barrelledcompletedual (algebraic/topological)locally convexreflexiveseparable Theorems Hahn–BanachRiesz representationclosed graphuniform boundedness principleKakutani fixed-pointKrein–Milmanmin–maxGelfand–NaimarkBanach–Alaoglu Operators adjointboundedcompactHilbert–Schmidtnormalnucleartrace classtransposeunboundedunitary Algebras Banach algebraC*-algebraspectrum of a C*-algebraoperator algebragroup algebra of a locally compact groupvon Neumann algebra Open problems invariant subspace problemMahler's conjecture Applications Hardy spacespectral theory of ordinary differential equationsheat kernelindex theoremcalculus of variationsfunctional calculusintegral operatorJones polynomialtopological quantum field theorynoncommutative geometryRiemann hypothesisdistribution (or generalized functions) Advanced topics approximation propertybalanced setChoquet theoryweak topologyBanach–Mazur distanceTomita–Takesaki theory Categories: Banach spacesTheorems in functional analysisOperator theory

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